How to start 2001 Pontiac supercharger when security system is activated?

With the key?

You can’t.

Find out how the system was installed and disconnect it to start.

THEN you can investigate why the security system won’t turn off.

Bad connections, non-functioning remote or damaged key chip and/or faulty receiver.

These systems won’t recognize the chip and reset themselves?

Sorry for the long delay in answering Mb.

to answer the question, no.

If the chip is damaged (ie. key dropped on hard surface) or the wrong one, the system won’t work.

I would imagine the OP had attempted to start the engine and found he/she couldn’t.

If the '01 Pontiac is the same as my '00 silhouette was, the theft deterrent security system cuts out the fuel supply (pump).

So, unless the security system recognizes the key chip it will not reset.