97 Buick Skylark

This 97 Buick will turn over and the engine will catch but then dies. It doesn’t do this all the time. Also, the anti theft light comes on during this starting problem. Any ideas?

Here’s an idea:

Give us some sort of idea about the car’s maintenance history. How many miles on the clock? Is the factory maintenance schedule being followed? If not, what schedule is being followed?

How old is the battery?

I think if you find out why the anti-theft light comes on you will have solved the problem.

Your car thinks it is being stolen.

check the owners manual to see if the car have an anti theft system. gm have a security system built into the ignition key called a Passlock. it’s a circuit consisting of a key with a small diod built into the key, a sensor in the ignition cylinder, and a decoder box. if the system is having difficulty decoding the key it it will prevent the car from starting by either disabling the fuel circuit or the ignition system. if the car does have this system you could try wiping the key with a clean dry towel and blow out the ignition cylinder with some light air, like that aerosol dust- off for computers.