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'88 GMC suburban

Why has my vehicle started making this loud clanging noise when shifting gears? (Automatic) It sounds like someone is hitting a wrench against the metal, most notably between Reverse and Drive. Also, the body of the vehicle is noticeably lower on one side with no flat tires. Any ideas?

The loud clanging noise could be the universal joints. When one goes completely (the roller bearings come completely out), there’s a lot of play, and the hollow tube driveshaft will clang as the pressure is applied from the transmission. Grab a screwdriver, slide under, and give the driveshaft a couple sharp knocks. If that’s the noise, you’ve found it.

I’m not sure about Suburban’s, but Jeeps have (almost) always leaned to one side. As far as I know, it’s just a suspension thing, and nothing to worry about. If it never sat this way before, you could have a weak or failed spring.