Clunking under gear shift

I have a 1993 Subaru Legacy with 270,000 miles. It is a 5 speed. I’ve owned it about 6 years and have had no MAJOR problems (except the air compressor froze up two years ago, but I can live without the air conditioning).

My concern is that even though there are no problems with engine or the transmission, recently there has been a “clunk” that I can hear and feel with my feet when I take off from a standstill. It usually happens first thing in the morning when I leave for work, and only occasionally the rest of the day. I am worried that it could be something dangerous. I do a lot of freeway driving. I don’t know what to ask the mechanic to look for if I take it in.

Any suggestions?

#1SPUD, It’s Usually Best To Just Tell The Mechanic What You’ve Told Us. Don’t Try And Steer Him / Her To A Particular Possibility. Let Him / Her Do Their Job.

Your mechanic will look for possible sources of the “clunk” checking the transmission rear cross member / mount, engine mounts, control arms, and anything else that could clunk under your feet.

When a possible source of the noise is located, ask to see where the problem is on your car and get an explanation from your mechanic.