Tahoe clankin and shakin

My 99 Tahoe has started making a weird like clank noise when I shift into drive or reverse. It also has a light shake which was only if I took a sharp turn, but is becoming a little more common. Any idea

I think that you have two separate problems.

The first problem (the “clank”) is likely coming from a badly-worn U-joint in the driveshaft.
If the problem is in the front U-joint, you can wind up dropping the drive shaft and doing a pole-vault/very rapid stop when the shaft digs into the pavement. A broken rear U-joint merely leaves you stranded.
I would suggest having your mechanic check all U-joints a.s.a.p.

As to the shaking problem…let me think about that one for awhile.

Ive replaced u joints before so that wont be much of a problem

Also–make sure that the splined shaft is moving in and out freely, and is not hanging up.

Ok if it is what does that mean

Lube it!

Also I forgot to mention there is a little play in the steering which has been there since I bought the Tahoe 4 months ago

The shake when you turn could be related to the excess play in the steering.
You need to have the front end inspected by a qualified mechanic.
Things like badly-worn tie rod ends and ball joints are a major safety issue.

Ok thanks for the help unfortunitly it seems I cant avoid takin her in no cheaper route. Besides the u joints

Another possible cause for the clank when shifting into gear is the slip joint and hanger bearing when a 2 piece rear drive shaft if used.

Ok now that would be a new project for me ill have to do some reaserch on that