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840 Horsepower Dodge Coming To A Dealer Near You! It'll Jerk The Front Wheels And Go 0-100 in 5.3 Seconds

USA Today, today has an article about the new supercharged hemi 6.2-liter Challenger SRT Demon that can do 0-60 in 2.3 seconds.

The photo shows daylight underneath the front tires.

A passenger front seat and rear seats are optional for just a buck each!

Is this awesome or what?

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I dunno. I like fast cars as much as the next guy, but I like them to be at least somewhat unattainable to most people so that there aren’t so many of them out there.

All these muscle cars with enough horsepower for 3 cars seem like a really good way to kill people.

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Attainable? Notice they didn’t list the price…

Saw the article this morning and thought- this truly is the golden age of cars…capability wise.

I believe I read in that article that it should go for well under $100,000. Attainable? That all depends…

OK, I read the story on CNN and was curious about the price.
Out of my range of interest for sure.
Like one of my coworkers skulking around the new trucks on the dealer lot. Excited salespeople descended from every direction sensing a payday. When he declared to simply be “looking at trucks he might buy in 5 years”, they rapidly retreated…

dodge has the hellcat? is that 650-700hp? I know chevy has the zl-1 Camaro that is the supercharged vette engine. is the z-28 just a z06 427 in the Camaro body? hard to keep them separated. not sure how they add another 100 hp? more boost?

All I can say is…IT’S ABOUT TIME.

Awesome car and styling to match.

It’s not your everyday commuter car you buy for reliable transportation. It’s a damn good looking beast on wheels that I’d love to own, but out of reach…maybe when all kids are out of college.

My favorite part of the whole Demon package is that there are some accessories (mentioned in the story). For example, a rear seat, a passenger seat, a kit that puts a pair of small drag racing tires in the trunk. Dodge only asks for a buck for each of the options one chooses. I thought that was cool. I’m not into cars like this, but Dodge has fans that are into this stuff and they do the best job of giving them what they want. My second favorite thing about the Demon is that it does NOT use a modified Hellcat engine (707hp). It is a different engine. Different heads, pistons, supercharger, cooling system etc. If you are going to bankrupt a company (again) to pay for European cars, at least make it fun!

I liked the bit about using the AC to cool the incoming air before letting it into the combustion chambers. Cooler air is more dense, hence more power output.

But I agree, this is much too much power for street use.


That’s diametrically opposed to what Sergio Marchionne (head of Fiat/Chrysler) stated when Fiat took over Chrysler.

He said there was no place or need for a V-8 engine and high horsepower in the auto world and he was going to eliminate V-8s from production. So much for that…

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The limited production is already sold out.If I wanted one I would put it in my car museum. Too many people with too much money to waste is my first thought, contrasted by too many people starving to death.

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Absolutely, but without those people, the economy would collapse…


2.3 seconds 'till 60 mph, I must say, that is pretty good clip. For those that want it, good car for them to buy. Hopefully they’ll be able to keep the shiny side up, and the greasy side down. Me, I’ll stick w/my Corolla, it’s greasy on both sides … lol …


One thing about the car that makes me scratch my head. The only safe place to exercise this much power is at the dragstrip. Any car that can run sub-10 second 1/4 mile times needs a rollcage at any track sooo… build a track car for the street that can’t run on the track??

I’m afraid this might be a “Here, hold muh beer and lemme show you what she can DO” situation.


There are some straight rural roads where this car will make its mark. I hope they don’t take any bystanders with them when they crash it. It really should be a track car.

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I hope they don’t, too.

I doubt somebody could be “texting” another person while accelerating this rocket.

Which one is worse? My being killed by a crazy driver in an 840 hp hot rod or my being killed by a crazy driver going 60 while text messaging a friend about macaroni & cheese?
CSA :fearful:

Hot rod is worse… they are usually going MUCH faster. Just my 2 cents. :wink:

2.28 seconds 0 to 60mph:

You have to put it in Ludicrous mode. Still waiting on Plaid…

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And just yesterday I thought this

was the most outrageous current trend.

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For the record, in the unveiling video the numbers were given as follows:

0-60: 2.3 sec.
0-100: 5.1 sec.
1/4 mile: 9.65 sec @ 140 mph
1st gear acceleration: 1.8g
2nd gear acceleration: 1.3 g

That’s some serious acceleration. As is indicated in a post below, NHRA requires a driver suit, full roll cage and Halon fire system in any car that will do the 1/4 mile in under 11.50 seconds. I haven’t heard any mention that the Demon has either the roll cage or the fire system.