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Dodge demon

Anyone here put in an order for one ? :slight_smile:

i dont know. lots of things people can buy to get in trouble. just saw a 2018 vette z06 “carbon” model for $111k. guess its a few lbs lighter than the stock z06? my neighbor had a 2000? vette with a 427 stroker motor and a belt driven procharger and a nitrous fogger kit for the intake AND a fogger for the intercooler. people are funny

I’m waiting for a Fiat 500 with the 6.2 Hemi.

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Not interested. I like quality and long term reliability way over the ability to smoke the rears tires.
There’s no place to safely use these cars except parked in a parking lot with the hood open and the local kids drooling over the engine.

During tests the Demon covered a quarter-mile in 9.65 seconds at 140 miles per hour, and it accelerates from zero to 60 mph in 2.3 seconds.

well, the 1/4 mile stat is useless on the street. 0-60 is fun, but there are other cars that are faster, including the Tesla which, while the purchase price is more, uses no gas, which is probably about 30,000 fewer gallons per year than the Demon will use, so in the end you come out financially ahead. :wink:

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Demon sounds better, IMO.

Colin Powell owns a Corvette. He was asked (allegedly!) if he was ready for a Z06. He said he was already stupid enough in his base Corvette. He didn’t need a Z06 and the problems he would cause himself.

30,000 gallons of fuel at a consumption rate of 12 MPG would be enough for 72 Demons to travel 5,000 miles per year.

Does anyone else notice in their area increasing damage to the roads specifically in the areas where cars accelerate from a stop, like right after stoplights? I’m seeing this type of road damage a lot here in San Jose, more than I’ve ever seen before. I’m guessing it is due to more powerful acceleration specs in newer cars that’s really putting a crunch on the road surface. There’s hardly a stoplight here that doesn’t have a small pothole right after it.

Well, you have the guessing part correct.

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I have a Challenger with the 5.7L V8, and it’s more car than I need. I’d say it’s more than most people need, though I’ve realized “needs” vs. “wants” are interchangeable with some folks.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve also realized some folks will do/buy things just to show the size of their…well, you can imagine.

I’ll pass on the Demon as well.

Size of their ego ? :slight_smile:

It’s the “mine’s bigger than yours” theory. Many people who own these new monstrous pickup trucks buy them for the same reason.

Along the same lines… around my part of the world I’m seeing a whole lot of Jeep Wranglers. Some of them have been dressed up to look very “aggressive” or “rugged”… but rarely do you see such Jeeps dirty, muddy, or too far from any kind of pavement.

To each his own, I say, though I still don’t get it.

Tesla does 0-60 in 2.5 s, Demon in 2.3, quarter mile 10.44 s, Demon 9.65 s. Not that anyone could tell…

I think that applies to the number of watts in their sound system too.

The P100D does it in 2.27 seconds, according to MT. :wink:

While I was obviously being facetious in that comment, I will say that I’ll be amazed if the average Demon driver manages to get 12mpg. I guarantee you’re not getting that with the go-pedal floored.

I notice it more where 18-wheelers are stopped at traffic lights. I think this the weight more than the heat from lighting up those drive wheels on the tractor that are doing it.

Sounds like the only way to know is to test them both on the same day at the same track.


Grudge match!

I’d like to see that if it ever happens. Maybe it will show up you tube.

LOL, ironically, in the Serengeti and the Outback everybody is driving Toyotas and Land Rovers!