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78 camaro parts

I am looking for an actuator with rod for my 78 camaro LT rally Sport Type II with a350L engine.

Unless there’s some terminology confusion on my part, what is an actuator and rod?

I’ve got a '79 here (not for sale, etc) and I can’t think of any actuator.

Its the thing that actuates and the rod connects it to the thing that is being actuated.

Thanks! That clears the confusion up on my end. The OP did not state if there are any acuator codes present though … :wink:

In all seriousness I’d like to know what this actuator is because up to this point I can’t place such a part.
Something to do with the ignition switch in the steering column is the only thing I can even begin to come up with.

Clutch linkage?

Master cylinder?

Clutch acuator if it’s a manual transmission?

Whatever it is, parts for these cars are becoming scarce fast. Around here anyway, most Camaros of this vintage have met their automotive end at the local 3/8 mile dirt track.

Whatever this part is and if the OP checks in on this thread then they might consider contacting American Camaro and Firebird in OK City, OK.

Could be a door lock actuator I 'spose. French Lake Auto Parts is a bone yard specializing in older cars. They save them instead of crushing them. I think its They helped me out with body parts for my Riviera once. ?

Salvage yards or Year One will be your best bet. Your description of the part needs more details, though. There are many different actuators with rods on this car, particularly in the steering column and doors.