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'76 f-250 steering box leak

I have a 76 ranger that developed a leak in the upper seal (where the shaft goes in) of the steering box. The truck is power steering. It leaks a few drips every time I use the truck (maybe a tablespoon over 7 times of using it (around the block, not very far). It leaks more when I turn the wheel too far (I think, I can hear it do something when I do that).

I am asking this because I just put the truck back together after tearing the front end down and putting it back together. Is that top joint an easy fix? or do I need to take the box out? or is it even worth going after at this point?

Anyone have any advice?

Back in the day, we sold seal kits right and left. An every day job in the Ford garage BUT best done with the gear out on a workbench. In fact the 30 year tech I just spoke to said, definitely remove steering gear to a workbench for the seal kit work.