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Power steering leak- how urgent?

Hi- I have a 2000 Dodge Ram 2500 truck (diesel engine) with about 137,000 miles on it. It is driven less than 1,000 miles a year and only to tow a horse trailer. When I took it to get the oil changed, the guy told me my power steering fluid was leaking on the driver’s side, adding “just so you know”. He didn’t seem particularly concerned with it, so I am unsure of how pressing this need is. I plan to replace the tires next winter or following spring (1-1.5 years)… can it wait until then? Or is it a simple fix and would be better to do it now?

Since it is on the driver’s side, I would assume it to be the power steering pump. It could be the steering box too.

I wouldn’t stress over a seldom used vehicle, depending on how much it leaks. I’ve had about a dozen old Chryslers and every one leaked at least a little. The O rings were the cause, I believe.

If you are just topping it off whenever you use it, don’t sweat it.

There is one cach… I had one that leaked so badly I had to fill it at least weekly. I had to drive it for half a summer like that until I had my next car ready. The problem was the fluid is destructive. In my hast, a couple of times, I filled it with the motor running (not recommended), splashed it into the fan that sprayed it everywhere. A couple of weeks later, paint started coming off where it was splashed.

Before I retired the car, I noticed the fluid had actually had dissolved a trail in the pavement from my apartment to my job (no kidding).

So you may want to put a pan under the pump or box, which ever is leaking.

Hope this helps.

To me a lot depends on where the leak is coming from and how much it’s leaking. If it’s the pump at the pulley that could signal a pump preparing to seize. If it’s the rack it could suddenly fail catastrophically, but honestly on a vehicle that inactive the risk of that causing a slight problem is slight…however I don’t know if I’d want to suddenly lose my power steering while pulling a trailer with two of my finest thoroughbreds…

The safety of two helpless members of the animal kingdom is in your hands. You may want to get the repair done.

You need to remove the unknown to make a decision,either get the mechanic to clarify what he found or get another inspection. I do believe this is a “rack” system not a box,correct me if I am wrong.