1983 GMC 3500 rear axle walked out of housing

Driver side rear axle walked out of housing

That must have been exciting. I had a drive axle break off one time.

Lucky I was going slow - could have killed somebody

How do I fix it

It is a gmc p3500 step van

The wheel and tire are still attached just walked out about 2 and a half feet

I had one do that one time it was the axle bearing it was on a Ford the bearing was a pressed fit and is what held it in I would think hat GM would be the same.

Do you mean the tire/wheel and hub all came out as a unit?

Doesn’t this 1-ton van use a full-floating rear axle, where the axle shaft is a completely separate part from the hub (but bolted on with 8 bolts)? If so, that would been the hub retaining nut must have come off to allow the hub to “walk out”.

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Only the 1 ton dually uses the full floating axle, The single tire rear end uses a C-Clip axle.

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I am pretty sure this isn’t a C clip axle. It sound slike it is a semi floating rear that is retained by the axle bearing which is pressed in.

Jack the rear up, pull tbe axle all the way out. Is there a groove on the inner end? Is the end looking like something broke off? If so, replace the axle and remove the rearend cover to fish out the broken end and allow you to replace the axle.

No, it doesn’t look that way?

Now look at the outer end, is there an area at the far outer end that looks polished? Or is there what looks like a ring pressed on? The ring needs to be removed by cracking it with a chisel. The bearing remnant in the rear needs to be removed with a slide hammer after removing the retaining plate. Press a new bearing on but make sure the retaining plate is in place. Reinstall the axle.

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Thank you for all of your responses and KEEP THEM COMING PLEASE.
This is a single tire rear end and YES the axle does come out with 8 bolts.
I have removed the wheel and tire and unbolted the 8 bolts but have not pulled the axle completely out yet.
My friend was supposed to fix it in exchange for a 1948 Bennett Sinclair gas pump which I value at about $1500. I wanted him to fix the axle and buy me 4 new tires ( radial - I have bias now )
The tires mounted and balanced were about 680 leaving the balance to go to the axle repairs. My ?"friend?" has not done this either he is mad at me or thinks the 1500 pump price is too high.
The pump is a shorty Sinclair Diesel with original glass globe from my family’s farm in working condition and in good condition.
He got a tall Sinclair pump from me ( gasoline no globe ) years ago for way too cheap ($150 ) but I am not letting this shorty go for nothing.
Maybe I am wrong.

Maybe your ’ friend ’ thinks that this repair might be just beyond his ability . Just have a shop repair this that way you will have some kind of warranty. dealings with friends some times can ruin the friendship.

He was going to farm this job out to a shop where he knows the owner.
They wanted to put a used Dually rear end under it with used tires and I said no.
I think that is why he is mad.

But this antique diesel pump is too nice to let it go cheap especially with the original glass globe.

I will pull the axle out and inspect it further. I should do it right because it will need a new seal also and it wouldn’t hurt to pull the cover off the pumpkin and clean it up and replace the gear oil.

That seems like a reasonable plan on this old truck . Surprised that a 3500 did not have rear duals in the first place. If the used tires are decent tread and not years old with cracks that should be fine .

I want radial tires that are new.
Bias ride like square blocks.
I feel the antique fuel pump with globe is easily worth $1500. It sits on an aluminum dolly and has been garage kept for over 30 years.

This a P3500 value van ( old ice cream truck ) that I am taking down to bare aluminum and polishing to a mirror finish.

It will be used as an RV as I am single now ( age 62 ) and my kids are grown and on their own.

Free as a bird and single as a dollar bill and ain’t looking for change !!

Sitting in the garage with the pump now price of diesel 27 1/2 cents per gallon

I looked up the '83 Chevy/GMC truck specs here (PDF file). If I’m deciphering the info correctly, the P30/3500 came with a full-floating GM axle with 10.5" ring gear, rated at 7900 lb. See page 51 of the PDF. Looking up parts at NAPA also shows parts for a full-floating axle, such as inner and outer tapered roller wheel bearings.

This seems to verify a full-floating axle.

OP, can you post any pictures of the axle/hub? Can you also verify that the entire hub was loosed from the spindle? Apparently, the axle shaft was still attached to the hub, since the 8 bolts were still in place.

Yes I will later today.
Thank you so much for helping me with this.