5 Trucks That Won’t Last 100,000 Miles

This guy was too funny not to link him especially because he is likely correct.

I love that guy. Yes, he’s right, but might have been better to say “no brand of truck” will have no troubles for 100K. lol

Ford has their share, too. My neighbor had the big diesel. Starting around 90K, it cracked 2 exhaust manifolds. They literally have to pull the cab to get to the engine. (The eventual fix was to install aftermarket manifolds… cheaper and better quality.) They put it together, probably hooked something up wrong, because he went thru 4 different computers before they got it sorted. A year later the ABS computer failed, locked rear brakes (without touching the brakes), sent the truck into a curb, where it flipped on its side.

If he thinks Dodge has problems now, wait until the drop Fiat engines in them, like in their Jeep line.