Gas or Diesel

I have been driving a 2001 Chevy Pickup, long bed crew cab since it was new. We have pulled a 27? 5th wheel trailer around California about 8 times a year during most of that time. Now it is time for a new truck (The transmission was just rebuilt, water pump replaced, A/C idler replaced) and I want your advice. Should I get a diesel since I?ll be retiring in a few years and we will be making longer trips with trailer? I have heard that a diesel will pull the hill better. If I get a diesel what brand is most reliable in a full sized pickup?

Diesel engines have the advantage of providing a lot of torque at low RPM’s. So they’re ideal for towing heavy loads. But the basic maintenance on diesel engines costs more.

You have three choices when it comes to diesel engines. GM uses the Isuzu diesel engine, Chrysler the Cummins diesel engine, and Ford who now makes their own diesel engine.

Which one to get? Usually, diesel engines go 100,000’s of miles without major problems. But it’s packaging around the diesel engine that can cause all sorts of problems. And for that, you’ll have to do a little research to determine which product is built to last.


Are you looking new or used? I THINK the Dodge / Cummins will deliver the lowest cost per mile but you will know you are driving a diesel TRUCK every mile you drive it…The Ford is much more civilized and comfortable, but at a higher cost to own and operate…

Of the three, the Ford is the noisiest outside. It seems as if the design goal was to build the absolute loudest diesel on the market, and they succeded.