Ford Diesels-Pros, Cons, and mileage

I’m just curious. Anyone with a Ford F-series Diesel (wether 6.0 or 7.3 Turbo) please also give input.

I’ve been doing research on diesels and I looked at wikipedia about these motors. Seems like before 2006, Ford had a bad time with their 6.0 and spent a ton of money on recalls but from 2006 onward its a sound engine.

I couldn’t find anything on the 7.3 Turbo charged ones. Are they pretty sound pieces of machines?

What kind of diesel gas mileage can one expect? I’ve been told that it’s not unheard of for diesels to get up to 20mpg. Even 15mpg while towing. Is this bull? Which one would be more likely to achieve that, the 6.0 or 7.3?

I had seem an ad for one that advertised that their motor had some blow-by, “but easily remedied”? Easy for who? Wouldn’t that involve rings? It was a 7.3 Turbo.

I’m just trying to get all the facts on diesels. I am wanting a truck, but at the same time am wanting a truck that has good power. When it comes to a V10, 6.0, or a 7.3, the V10 scares me away everytime b/c of all the cylinders and wonder about the fuel mileage of THAT truck with a V10. Anyone know?

Now, I am not naive. I know trucks don’t run like a Ford Fiesta or Aspire. I just want facts and these facts can aid me in decision making.

Thank ya’ll so much for any input.


Sorry. When I was talking about blow-by, I was wondering the approximate cost of fixing such issue. Granted, my wife may talk me out of such ordeal, possibly for the best.
Thanks again, God Bless

The big advantage of the diesel engine, as implemented in American pickups, is towing power and towing economy. 20 mpg is definitely within the range of possibilities for newer diesel trucks, but you really have to baby them. Obviously towing mileage depends on what you’re towing, but this is where diesels really shine-- one friend with a newer diesel Dodge says there’s basically no appreciable drop in mileage in his truck pulling a 2-horse trailer (with 2 horses). He says about 17-18 mpg.

But diesels are expensive to buy, expensive to fix, and expensive to maintain. The V10 is cheaper on all accounts and plus the corner mechanic can work on it. From what I understand, the mileage on the V10 is only a mpg or two less than the diesel when unladen, but the V10 definitely feels the weight when it’s towing and loses a lot more MPG’s. I’ve sort of come to the conclusion that unless you’re constantly towing, the V10 is the way to go, especially if you don’t think diesel’s ever going to get much cheaper than gas again (I don’t).

I’m not really up on Ford’s diesel woes, but I think there’s others here who are and will hopefully be along soon. Oh, and blow-by is easily remedied-- a new motor’ll fix that right up!

I won’t comment on the before and after 2006 reliabilty question. You can get up to 20 mpg with a diesel but that isn’t what you should expect. The mpg with towing is a definate advantage over gas.

The question for you really is how often are you hooked up to a trailer? If 100% of the time is your answer the diesel is the way to go. If 25% of the time or less a gas motor is fine and you won’t save enough money on gas to make the diesel worthwhile to own.

WOW! Defnitely alot to think about now. I really, really appreciate ya’lls input.

I have heard that diesels are pricey to own, fix, maintain, all that jazz. I think what’s appealing to me is the life that you can get out of a diesel. Then again, something i mentioned to my wife is the wonder of diesel prices 2, 4, 8 years from now and so forth. I know she doesn’t like the sound or smell of diesel trucks, I sure don’t mind it!

I guess when you stop to think about it the people that DO own diesels live on a farm, haul equip/heavy equip, have a big 5th wheel, or just have the money to blow on something unneccessary. I would like to own a 5 th wheel but wife’d rather have RV, then again, even if I had a 5th wheel, YES, how much of the time will I be hooked up?

Again, thank you. Thanks for taking the time to answer a question less important than those who actually have a problem. I love the show and LOVE this forum!!!

I have ONE MORE question: What makes (examples, maybe?) a diesel expensive to work on? Parts? Inability of a mediocre mechanic (that’s me!!) to work on, like needing special tools? I know it holds ALOT of oil. I saw on a price chart at a dealer, oil change on a powerstroke…$80.00!!! Why I do my own and would if I had a diesel!

Thanks again SO much!
Take Care Ya’ll