4WD or 2WD

I have a 2001 Chevy Tracker. Question is…how do I tell if my car is 4WD (I hope) or 2WD? Is there some indicator on the car, a switch or something, that would indicate this? I am getting ready to sell (if 2WD) or keep (if 4WD – I’m moving to an area with lots of snow!)

Take a look underneath the vehicle. If it has 4WD, there will be an axle with a differential underneath the front of the car.

If you don’t know what a differential looks like, take a look at the center of the rear axle. There will be a rounded section of the rear axle in the middle, namely the rear differential–sometimes nicknamed “the pumpkin”. If you see an axle with a similar structure in the front of the car, then it is 4WD. No differential in front=rear wheel drive (2WD).

If I remember correctly, the Tracker was only available with fully manual four wheel drive. This means it would have a transfer case stick to engage the 4X4. This will be sticking out of the floor or console next to the gearshift and will have selections like “2 HI,” 4 HI," “N” (for neutral), and “4 LO.” Some vehicles have a system of pushbuttons on the dash for engaging the 4WD, but I don’t think the Tracker was one of them.

The Tracker came in 2WD and 4WD versions in 2001. If you have no buttons or levers to engage 4WD then you most likely have a base 2WD version. If you have the ZR2 package then you have 4WD.

Since it is hard to miss a second shift lever sticking out of the floor next to the manual shifter you most likely don’t have 4WD.