Identifly 4x4 if model ,honda LX CRV



Hi ,I have learned that on a Honda CRV 2001 the LX model 4x4 did not come as standard as on the EX & SE. How can I tell if a LX model has 4x4 ?

Can a carfax lie ?


I’m surprised, you’re right, while new ones of any trim level can be either, older ones are AWD unless they are LXs, which can be either. Look under the rear bumper, see if you see a differential in the middle, with axles going from the differential to each wheel. If so, it’s AWD, if not, 2WD.


That is a good answer, but it presupposes that the OP knows what a differential looks like.

Cindy–Do you know what a differential looks like? If you don’t, then I suggest that you enlist the help of a friend who does know this stuff when you go to look at a vehicle.


As “tex” noted the one sure fire way with a car that has no obvious controls is to get down and dirty and look. An other way is to ask.


Here’s a rear view of a CR-V, the axles are the straight about 1" light-grey rods coming out of the central light grey differential.

Here’s another picture, this one from the side (to show how to change the oil). This time you can see one axle (the black rod) coming out of the aluminum differential.


Thanks guys. I 'm looking for a replacement for the CRV I own now -but will be totaled . I can only afford the older models. But can’t afford to get taken.I’m in the nittygritty on every last detail . One 2001 looks nice ,but has a small carbon stain on the dip stick.
It also does not have passenger front seat arm rests-my concern it might be an LX,lower model that is. If car fax says it’s an EX is that reliable-or did someone just punch it in?


Carfax should be using the VIN to identify the model/trim level. There could have been a coding error, but it seems unlikely because it would affect all of the same year and model, not just the one you are looking at, and someone would have complained/corrected it. Not impossible, just pretty unlikely.

Now, Carfax can miss things like accidents and such that are specific to one particular car because the reporting is not consistent from state to state and insurance company to insurance company, so a clean carfax is no guarantee, but a bad carfax is a red flag.


Toyota rav4 is a great suv but do not get a 2001, all other years are good.
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