This is an easy one ..... but not for me!


OK, I know you’re going to laugh, but I realized that I don’t know what the “4 X 4” on all those trucks actually stands for. I know that it means the vehicle has 4 wheel drive … but what, specifically, does each 4 stand for?

I’d thought one was for 4 wheel drive, and one was for 4 speed transmission, but that can’t be right, since I’ve seen it on trucks with 5 speeds and automatic transmissions.

Here’s your laugher for today.


It’s a math problem. The answer is 16.

Seriously, 4X4 means there are four wheels and each is driven. A rear wheel drive truck is a 4X2.

There is a difference between 4WD and AWD (all wheel drive). 4WD is manually engaged at the driver’s discretion and only functions part time, AWD is automatic, and functions full time.


I have no idea why they put those stupid stickers on their trucks, mostly Chevy and GM. You can tell they are 4WD just by looking. It’s like having refrigerator written in big letters on the icebox.


4x4 means 2whl drive,with an open diff.(fore and aft)

4x2 means one wheel drive with an open diff.

now on to goverened lockers,air lockers,limited slip,electric lockers,center diff lockers,transfer case lockers,and so on.

yes 4x4 for stands for four wheel drive,but very rarely the case.

hope that helps.


Always remember that people with 4WD generally get stuck in deeper snow further from home :slight_smile:


Actually, in my area, they can usually be found upside down in a ditch following their attempt to drive at high-speed on a snow-covered road.