4-cylinder 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

are the 4 cyl cars okay?

Yes, no problem at all w/4 cylinder engines. Take a test drive first of course, make sure it has the ability to safely merge w/traffic. Suggest to avoid turbo versions if you want to keep repair costs to a minimum.

Bruce , why do you ask ? 4 cylinder engines have been around for ages and many brands or models only come with 4 cylinders .

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Are you perhaps referring to the engine problems some Hyundai models had? AFAIK they affected 2011 and newer vehicles. Hyundai Should Get Out With the Nu, Their Ticking Time-Bomb of an Engine

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I think @davepsinbox_157004 is on the right track with Hyundai/Kia engine issues. The Santa Fe Sport has the theta 2 engine that is having a very high failure rate.