4cv import SUV


What is the used, import, 4-cylinder SUV with the best towing capacity? I’m thinking Nissan X-Trail (actually just for a folding trailer), would you recommend it?


4-cylinder and towing…is NOT a great combination. Check the owners manual. It should give you the towing capacity. Personally I wouldn’t tow anything more then 1000lbs with a 4-cylinder.


Might I recommend a Hyundai Santa Fe or Tuscon? Both come with 4 cylinder engines (and can be up-optioned with V6s.) They are also rated for towing, although not much. I question, though, why you want a 4 cylinder SUV, if you plan on towing. A V6 Santa Fe gets almost the same mileage on the highway as it’s 4 cylinder counterpart, but it would provide much better towing ability, and likely better fuel economy while towing. You’d also be more likely to find a decent used Santa Fe or Tuscon (more so the SF, since the Tuscon is still fairly new) for relatively little money (I’ve seen 03 SF with V6 advertised for around $10,000.)