352 doesn't have alternator hole

I bought an old 1962 Ford 352 that I’m planning on putting in my truck. When I was working on it I realized that it has no tapped hole in the block to thread an alternator bolt into. How do I put an altornator on this engine?

I guess you’re saying it didn’t come with an alternator eh?

I could well be wrong, but I think the '60s vehicles still used generators instead of alternators and may have been bolted on (using brackets) with bolts/lock washers and nuts.

I had a 62 T-Bird with the 390. The generator bolted to a bracket low on the front right side of the block. The bird really wasn’t that fast. I have read that 352’s and 390’s respond better than most to cam,manifold,carb up-grades.

You may be able to find an alternator mounting bracket from a later year.

Go get a 10-SI delcotron and fabricate a bracket for it somewhere. Probably be the easiest thing

and now today i also noticed that the motor mounts are different between this 352 and the 390 that was originally in the truck, does anyone have an idea on what to do here?

For the engine mounts you may have to do some welding on the truck.

Excuse me but does that old FE have the 3 point mount? and scrounge around-there were a lot of different accessory brackets for those engines-the comment about the Delco S1 is a good one {easy to wire-you only need one wire}-Kevin