Generator to Alternator Conversion

I have a Ford 200 straight-six in a 1962 Ford Falcon Ranchero. It has a generator in it right now and I would like to convert it to an alternator. Since some of the later 200’s had alternators could I take a bracket off one of another 200 and bolt it on mine? I am unaware of the year of my engine because it was already installed when I bought the car. If this works I was just planning on finding a complete donor car and using the brackets and voltage regulator off the donor car.

They make general purpose alternators with the regulator built into it like modern Ford alternators. That would be the simplest bet. You’d obviously have to figure some way of making the bracket work.


The year may be unimportant. The Ford 200 in your Ranchero probably has the same bracketry of any 200’s from the late 50’s to early 70’s. They rarely re-tooled the castings unless a major redesign was called for. It was less expensive and easier to just press a new bracket design to fit the existing block mounting taps. Hope this helps.