Engine change



Will an oldsmobile V6 3800 bolt up to a chevy turbo 350 transmission? I think the oldsmobile engine is a 3.1L or maybe a 3.8. The engine I have is in a 1988 oldsmobile toronado.


Im pretty sure they dont directly bolt up. There is at least one company that makes adapters to use Chevy small block engines on GM FWD trannys, typically for those who put small blocks into their Fieros. They might make an adapter that you need.


About a 99%+ certainty they won’t.
Chevy bell housings are different from Buick/Olds/Pontiac.

Even with a 4th generation Camaro the 3.8 transmission bell housing is different from an identical Camaro with the 5.7 (350).

Could I ask what you’re doing here? Gas is 3 bucks + a gallon and the TH350 has no overdrive so that could hurt on milage.


Thanks very much for you reply and this has answered my question.


Thank you for the info. I wanted to take 2 old vehicles and make one good one. I have an old p/u that I wanted to make a fishing and hunting truck out of and did’nt want to spend alot of money you know. it has a bad motor in it…a 250 straight 6cyl. Maybe I’ll just rebuild it.