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$33,000 for a Pinto?

I guess this proves that virtually any old car has the potential for massive growth in its value if you keep it in good condition, with low odometer miles…



I understand the attraction because I have a fondness for Pinto’s . I know, not rational . But the price just proves that some people have too much money.

I was at a Mecum auction a few years ago and was standing just a few feet away from a $3.5 million dollar Plymouth.

Who would ever have thought…

Not something I would do but considering the Pinto has become somewhat rare a nice one may legitimately be worth that much…

All of the Pintos within a 100 country miles around here got bought up and converted to race cars for use on the dirt track. The track operators created a 'Mini Stock" class for Pintos, Vegas, Corollas, and so on.

Not too long ago a 23 window VW Bus brought 200 grand at auction so anything is possible.

The guy that paid 33K . . . the car was worth it to him

Some others may think he’s a sucker, but he’ll probably enjoy the car, nonetheless

he’s probably aware that people think he’s a sucker, anyways

But sometimes, you just have to do what you want, regardless of other opinions. As long as it’s legal and moral, of course :wink:

it’s kind of refreshing to see someone take an interest in a car that was ridiculed by many

a family friend owned a Pinto wagon in the 70s. At the time, I didn’t think badly of the car.

And the OTHER guy he was bidding against thought it was worth nearly $33K! It takes 2 to tango, so to speak, otherwise that Pinto would have fetched far less. That’s why auctions exist.

No way in heck I’d pony up those kind of oats for a Pinto Woody Wagon (pun intended)

they only mad 7 hemi converts that yr.
thats why they are 1million plus.
i dont think they made 30 pinto wagons that year.
more like 40
its what ever a buyer likes and wants to pay

I never owned one but had three buddies that did. 72, 73, and 74. My first commercial driver vehicle was a 1976 wagon. All of them M/T. I thought they ran and drove well plus being inexpensive.

Money, like children, doesn’t come with instructions.


Now THIS is a collector’s car! One of 2 1935 Model SSJ Duesenbergs ever built and owned by actor Gary Cooper.

The catalog had it “in excess of $10 Million.” It sold last night for $20 Million! Highest price ever for a Duesenberg. Highest price ever for an American car.

I have 4 children and I told them all, that if they brought home another Pinto, I was going to shoot the Pinto, the next one I would shoot the one that brought it home. I told them if they were going to buy cheap cars and expectind me to keep them running, they had to have a slant six in them.

And how did you like your plymouth duster?

I liked,every Valiant , Duster, Dart, Demon Barracuda, and Savoy we had with the slant six, The Volare not as much. I also liked all the 4 cyl Plymouth Arrow, Plymouth Champ with the twin stick manual, Dodge colt, Dodge Omni and 024 and Plymouth Horizon. My favorite Horizon was a standard shift with a 1.6 Peugeot motor, 30 plus mpg around town.

I remember the Dodge Omni was one of the first domestic cars that had a driver’s airbag, whereas many others were still using those motorized belts

At least that’s how I remember it

Wasn’t the Dodge colt a rebadged Mitsubishi . . . ?

Yes, the Colt was a Mitsubishi and several other Chrysler products were Mitsubishis. The small pickup and early 80s Charger; the latter a waste of a name plate.

I owned an early Dodge Omni. It was showroom new in and out. The person who sent it to me for a repair died while I had possession of it. Next thing I know the bank came sniffing around wanting to repo it and I told them if they paid the bill against it they could have it. Otherwise, go get bent.
I ended up with the car…although they did send someone down one night to try and break into the shop to get it. Weasels…

It had the VW Rabbit engine in it. The later models had a Mitsubishi engine.

None of the Omni or Horizon cars had a Mitsubishi engine. They first came with a 1.7 L VW engine followed by a 2.2 L Chrysler engine, some with a turbo or a 1.6 Renault engine only available with a standard shift. The 2.6 L 4 cylinder and 3.0 L 6 cyl Mitsubishi engines were used in a lot of Mopars but never in the L body Horizons and Omnis.

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Perhaps first among the subcompacts, the Omni/Horizon had a drivers side airbag for 1990, the last year of production. I believe all Chrysler cars had airbags in 1990.

Chrysler began to phase in airbags with the 1988 3/4 full size cars and Le Baron coupes and convertibles but I don’t believe that they were the first to offer airbags as standard equipment on certain models.

The 1980’s Dodge Charger was a 2 door Omni, Shelby Motors modified a good number of Omni/Chargers, most were turbo charged.

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My recollection is the big deal about the Omni was it was MOPAR’s first venture into front wheel drive.

The Omni and Horizon were the first front drive cars Chrysler sold as domestics in this country. However they owned Simca under the Chrysler Europe name and the Omni and Horizon were based on the front drive Simca.
About 2 years later Chrysler sold all of it’s overseas holdings to raise cash. Renault bought Simca and started selling the former Simca 1600cc engine to Chrysler for the standard shift Omni and Horizon cars when their contract with VW for engines ran out. The automatics got the new 2.2 L engines from the K cars.