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1973 VW Bus for sale

I have a 1973 VW Bus I want to sell but have no idea of what price to ask. This car is considered in pristine condition both inside and out, it has been well looked after and had been garaged. No restoration has been done at all. What would a reasonable price be to ask for this bus?

Are you thinking there is some sort of “collector” value to the bus?

Is it a camper bus?

I would not pay over $2000.00 no matter what. Just what it’s worth to me,and I am a VW air cooled era,mechanic. Hope this gives you a base.

To give up $2000.00 would be hard,I would probably save more money and get a more modern form of transportation,unless it was a camper bus.

Is it a camper? The rarer passenger and especially cargo vans might have some collector’s value, but there’s not much of a collector market for the campers (the pre-71s that still had the Bug engine in them are just about the cut-off), but there are plenty of air-cooled enthusiasts who still like to use them as RV’s. Your geographic region will affect the price a lot too, but I’d say if you’re in a spot with a healthy market for these you might be able to get $3-4 grand for it depending on how fresh the engine is.

There are several on eBay and a couple on Hemmings.

I agree that is has some value. They’re kind of a cult following type vehicle. The trick is to get the product in front of the right market. Perhaps you could Google a VW Bus forum with a want ad section? Then there’s alwas E-Bay and Craigs List, where people are looking for specific vehicles.

As far as price, the bus may be listed in CPI (Cars of Paticular Intrest) Blue Book.
(Again, use Google).
Either that or get a Hemmings Motor News and see what like vehicles are listed for. The problem here is a vehicle is worth what somebody will pay, not what somebody asks.

As mentioned, the campers will bring some money but the Plain Jane bus is not near as valuable; unless an old hippie wants to pay a premium price and relive the good old days. :slight_smile:

My feeling is 1500-2000 dollars and a lot depends on those numbers even. The best way of verifying what a vehicle will bring in today’s real world is by following eBay for a couple of months and noting what similar ones are bringing there.

In my neck of the woods, any air-cooled camper that runs, is generally straight and everything works on it will bring 2k easily, but finding one in pristine shape is pretty rare and I think it’ll bring a good premium. Usually the 1,500 campers are in so so shape and don’t have an engine!

And you’d be surprised at what a passenger or cargo van will bring. There’s so many of the campers out there, but the other vans are getting really rare and there are a lot of businesses out there that like to use them to cultivate their “image”. Good examples of older cargo vans or the 8 or 9 seaters will typically go for way more than the campers will.

I’m a VW guy my whole life. I’ve had three convertibles (great fun with Barney Rubble floors) and two buses (great fun with lousy engines) and a boring but reliable diesel Rabbit.

I’m looking for a van to get some fun back in my driving.

Is your bus still for sale and if so, do you have any pictures of it. I’m interested.