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Im looking at used 31s that will go from 10in wheels to 8in wheels. Do i have anything to worry about as to how they will wear? Thanks

What are we talking about here; a trailer, lawn mower, what? What kind of vehicle uses 8" wheels? About all I can think of is a golf cart, or go kart. More info, and more specific info needed to give any kind of answer.

I think he’s quoting the rim width.

Without having any idea what you’ll be using them on, what’s been done to it to accomodate the 31s, and what the OEM tire size was, it’s impossible to guess.

Poor handling, poor braking, poor fuel mileage but apparently they are the hyperbole of panache.

Turbo…how many lawn mowers you seen with 31s? what kind of vehicles is “cartalk” about? Go get a cup of coffee

Either wheel width will work fine with a 31 x 10.5. I run 31x10.5s on a 7” wide wheel on my Dakota. Your biggest concern getting the correct backspacing on the wheels. Given the choice, I would go with an 8” wheel over the 10”.

badbearing - there are posts with questions about lawn mowers, boats, even one was about an airplane motor. Had my coffee thanks. More information always helps. Obviously I’m not fitting 31s on anything I drive. Hope others gave you the info you need.

31x10.5 is a very common (or at least use to be) truck tire size. I’ve had many many sets of these tires over the years. Usually mounted on a 7" or 8" rim width.

I was told 8 in minimum

turbo…all is good

I thought maybe you was blowing smoke


I had 7" rims on my 90 Pathfinder with the 31x10.5. I wouldn’t go as low as 6" though.

7 works but not recommended is my understanding