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Further my confusion?

I keep getting conflicting info no Wheels n Tires.

Will 31x10.5 wear wrong on 7in wide rim?

Will these tires rub on my 95 Jeep Cherokee that is lifted about 3in?

Check with

Check on one of the many Jeep fanatic forums…“You wouldn’t understand, it’s a Jeep Thing”

Only Jeep people are determined to take a poorly handling poorly suspended vehicle and make it even worse…

I have been to the jeep sights. little slow in there.
My jeep handles Great!
A great 4x4 that handles great on the highway!

Its a Jeep Thing

You wouldnt understand

Somebody out there has a jeep with 31x10.5s on it. Hello? tells me nothing about if they will wear proper or if they will rub

Try the tire manufacturer’s site for the tire you plan to use.

Will do

31’s should fit without issue with 31 inch lift. As to why someone would lift a unibody SUV for presumably off-road use, you got me. Must a be Jeep thing.