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Im i going to be ok putting 30 x 9.50 tires on 8in wide rims?

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16" diameter tires won’t fit on 15" rims

Who says they’re 15" rims?
Oh, and 30X9.5s are 15" tires.

The answer to the question is… probably. This tire, with a 9.5" section width, has a 7.5" sidewall. One inch difference on each side between the bead and the outer point on the section width seems about right. You have sufficient sidewall to accommodate a wide variance between the section width and the rim width without a problem.

But, the guy to ask is the tire guy. He’s the one whose advice will ultimately matter. Not mine.


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8" wide wheels should be fine, I had a set of 30X9.5R15 tires on 15X8 wheels.

If you can find your tires on tirerack, click on “specs” and it will show the rim width range.

Here is an example, BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A;

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I was unaware that the question was political. I thought it was a question about tires & wheels.
Can we return to the subject at hand?

Nevada, I agree with your statement, but I myself tried to find these tires on Tirerack without success. Perhaps I just didn’t know where to look. :smile:

I took the comment as teasing us to get some response.

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