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1980 Toyota 4x4

I think i just bought a 1980 toy. Want to put 31x10.5 on it. Do i have to lift it to keep the tires from rubbing? Will it have to be geared. Its a 4 speed manual

How hard would it be to put a 22RE engine in 1980

Then again i think i like the simplicity of the old scool engine

Stock rims, no problem. Should be a 15x7, a 15x8 might have a little noise at full lock, 15x10 wont happen. Offset is issue not so much clearance. Oh yeah, it will slow it down alot and also decrease fuel economy as well as top speed on highway, and if you stuff is worn out you may loose 5th gear at highway speeds.

Offset is issue? Please explain and thanks for the help

I can run 31’s without lifting it?

Worn out. Nobody seems to know if it has 68000 or 168000. it is a little tired

168000 i doubt more than that. Lockouts are leaking…is that a replacement or just seal. i do have a book but this is awful handy

The truck will be more sluggish when accelerating, more difficult to stop, handle poorly, burn more fuel and shorten the clutch life. What will you gain to make up for all that loss?

I want to make this more of a off road rig

As Rod suggested, putting oversize tires on a vehicle increases rolling resistance and rotating mass, both of which place higher loads on your drivetrain, including your transmission and U-joints. This causes premature wear on thes components. If the change in tire size is dramatic, the difference in drivetrain conponent life can be dramatic. If you also lift the vehicle, you also increase the articulation angles of the universal joints and make the problem even worse.

You also effectively change the “final drive ratio”. Each turn of the crank will have to move the truck a greater distance (the circumference of your tires will be greater) and that’ll adversely affect performance.

If you also go with higher offsets (the difference between the plane where the wheel interfaces with the hub/drum/disc/whatever and the centerline of the wheel), you also place much higher loads on the suspension components such as ball joints and wheel bearings.

You’ll also load down that poor 4-banger. If it’s already tired, you may not get the performance you’re expecting. See my earlier comment on “final drive ratio”.

If you’re willing to accept these tradeoffs, then go for it. But understand the tradoffs first. Offroaders usually change their gear ratios, install heavy duty drivetrain and chassis components, and soup up the engines to compensate.

Installing the 22RE motor, which came out in the pickups in 1990, will be no problem mechanically as long as you bring the tranny with it, but you’ll need to bring the electronics too. The RE is electronically fuel injected. As of 1989 Toyota was still installing the 22R (carbed) engine, and that might be a much better choice. Getting a used one in good shape may by your biggest challenge.

By the way, before you consider this check the frame members just aft of the cab for integrity. Also check the transverse member just fore of the rear axle. These frames had a tendency to rot out in those spots due to inadequate venting.

If your pick up is stock it is very limited in what it can do. I know. I bought one when new. By doing a few mods it can improve over twice as good as stock off road. (The other issue is driver skill and you can acquire it in a Toyota) Adding larger tires is one improvement, adding a small 3" suspension lift is another. These two things will get you out there and you can have fun for a while. Another important issue is air pressure in your tires. On road pressure is NOT good for off road use. Do your homework on that subject too. I put in 4.88 gears, front and rear with a rear locker and wow what a difference that made. My skill got better and my equipment got better and I enjoy it a lot more. The post from ‘the same mountainbike’ has some good points, but for me, I would say these mods were worth the trade off. I put 33" tires on mine even without the lift and while they rubbed on extreme twisted turns I was able to live with it until I put in a 3" Downey lift. Without the mods, it is a bit disappointing but with them it turned in to a fun machine. Power does lack, but makes up for it in the fun department. Good luck.

You shouldn’t need a lift for 31" tires. Use 7" or 8" rims. 10" are out of the question. You would hate 10" rims.–been there done that–Your stock gears are 4.11 or 4.38 Yes that was a factory installed ratio. Possibly the sport truck had the 4.38. Did yours have the big stripes on the hood and doors? There weren’t many obvious differences between the Hilux and the Sport Truck those days. They all had the 20R and a 4 speed, no overdrive.

Stripe on the hood at about a 45% angle and stripe on door