30,000 mile servicing for chevrolet cobalt

My car’s indicator lights are not making the clicking noise when I depress the indicator signal.

1. What comprises the 30,000 miles servicing, can somebody give me a link that describes the procedures. ???

2. How may I get a better price on the 30,000 mile servicing?? The Dealer, ( and I dont know what he includes in this servicing) charges close to 350$.

I asked the local shop and they charge 225 for new brake pads.

My vehicle:
31 K miles, 5 speed manual, Chevy cobalt 07 LS.

Do you have an Owner’s Manual?
If you do, the authoritative answer to your question can be found in the manual.
If you don’t have a manual, this is a perfect example of why you need to get one.
E-bay is a good source for low-cost manuals.

Regarding your second question–how will you do comparison price shopping if you don’t know what the dealership includes in their 30k service?

Step #1–Get the official list for this maintenance from the manual, as that is all that you need to do.
#2–Get the list of what the dealer includes for that $350 fee. It will likely include other services that may be superfluous. However, if you have an automatic transmission, you need to change the fluid every 3 yrs/30k miles, even if the mfr and/or the dealership fail to mention this procedure.
#3–Take the “official” list to a couple of independent mechanics to get their price quotes.

Regarding “I asked the local shop and they charge 225 for new brake pads”, this has nothing to do with a 3k service list. Brake pads are replaced on the basis of wear, not on the basis of specific odometer mileage.

You may or may not need new brake pads, but that is an entirely different issue from the 30k service, and if you mix these two disparate issues together, you will have a hard time getting accurate or honest price quotes.

Edited to add:
Now that I see that your car has a manual trans, you can ignore my comment on transmission servicing.

You don’t need a link. There’s a book in your glovebox with the answer, straight from the people who designed and tested your car.

I have the manual. It is VERY confusing. It says that you either do maintenance I or maintenance II depending upon which one was done previously. Secondly it says, that you do an additional set of
maintenance at fixed mile intervals.

At 25,000 miles it says to inspect “fuels system for damages or leaks” and to “inspect exhaust system for loose components”

I have already done a good inspection of the car , because it was under warranty. The only thing that came up was to replace the wiper blades because they were too hard . (Can I do this myself and buy the blades from autozone?)

I spoke to a repair shop and he told me that it would cost around 60-70$ for a manual transmission fluid change.

Front brakes would cost 170$ and rear would be separate, depending on the condition.

I spoke to a repair shop and he told me that it would cost around 60-70$ for a manual transmission fluid change.

I suggest manual transmission fluid changes at maybe 50,000 but 100,000 makes more sense to me. This is under the assumption that it is not listed in the owner’s manual. Frankly few owners ever change that fluid and few have problems related to not changing it.

Automatic however is different. That you want to change no matter what the manual says or does not say.

If your pads are worn you replace them, it isn’t part of a 30K or 50K service. Pad wear is very different car to car and driver to driver.

You shouldn’t need to replace the trans fluid in a manual trans at 30K miles. 50 or 60K perhaps but not 30K.

The plugs and most other items shouldn’t need replacing yet, but Toyota often recommends new plugs at 30K intervals.

Air filters go about 30K miles and it is time for a new one. This is an easy DIY and you can get the new air filter and wiper blades at Auto Zone. They will help you install them too.

Otherwise oil change and tire rotation should be done. And inspect belts, hoses, etc. With the car being an '07 the brake fluid is due to be changed.