2007 Chrylser 300 with 39900 miles

So I just had my 2007 Chrysler 300 in for a routine oil change. It seems every time I am at the dealer they are trying to get another 800-1000 out of me for things I don’t see required in the owners manual. Just curious if these procedures are necessary at this mileage and or time frame.

I was told I need to :
Power steering fluid change - 135.00
Brake fluid change - 145.00
Rear differential fluid exchange - 185.00
Transmission fluid service - 280.00

They also mentioned something about a climate control check or replacement that was going to be another 125-150 but I declined that one on the spot. Before authorizing anything I just wanted to get others opinions on if this was in line with what needs to be done at this mileage / age of vehicle, or if this is all just “preventative” maintenance that is not yet necessary.

I have also had issues with the car in past, and had my engine blow up at 30,000 miles due to a failed oil pump. Luckily this was covered under the lifetime power train warranty, but I just want to dot my i’s and cross my t’s since that incident, as being without a car for a month while your engine is being rebuilt is no fun. I don’t know much about vehicles besides just keeping up to date with routine maintenance, so any advice in regards to if this service and price are in line with standards would be much appreciated. If location helps factor in labor cost / materials I am in the Central Coast of California.

Everything you showed should be part of the maintenance schedule. The question is when.

Each should be listed in your owners manual.

While dealerships are known for trying to get customers to agree to superfluous maintenance procedures, in your case they have given you largely valid advice.

Here are my suggestions:
Have the trans fluid and the brake fluid changed–whether it is done at the dealership or at an independent mechanic’s shop. Forget about servicing the power steering and the differential–at least for the time being. If your heater, A/C, and defroster are functioning properly, there is no reason at this point to have the system “checked”.

However, if you can get them to “replace” the entire climate control system for $125-150, then go for it, as this is priced…a few thousand $$ less than it would normally cost to replace the A/C compressor, the controls, etc!

(I am joking about the fact that you clearly mis-heard them when they said that they would “replace” the climate control system for that price. They were undoubtedly talking about an over-priced checking of the refrigerant in the system.)

Whether your manual mentions it or not, brake fluid should be flushed every 3 or 4 years, so if it was never done, it is clearly overdue with your 8 year old car. Trans fluid (and filter) should be changed every 3 yrs or 30k miles, so this is also grossly overdue if it has never been done.

If the coolant/antifreeze hasn’t yet been changed, that is also overdue.

Unfortunately, car mfrs have removed some vital services from their maintenance schedules in an effort to make their cars appear to be almost maintenance free. Ignoring those services during the first few years of ownership is not likely to result in mechanical problems, but a few years down the road–after warranty coverage has expired–lack of maintenance will take a toll on the car owner’s wallet. (Translation=maintenance is far cheaper than repairs!)

If you have an independent mechanic’s shop in which you have confidence, then you can undoubtedly have the brake fluid, trans fluid, and coolant/antifreeze changed for much less than the dealership wants to charge. Any competent mechanic can handle these jobs.

Agree! The only item that is needed to be done at this mileage is a fluid and filter change (not a flush) for the transmission. A good independent transmission shop will do this for about $125.

Most manuals for rear drive vehicles don’t mention differential fluid changes unless it’s a Positraction unit, or the vehicle is used for trailer towing.

You don’t have to go to the dealer, who seems to have taken a leaf out of P.T. Barnum, just keep all your receipts when you have work done. The OWNER’S MANUAL is all you need to identify maintenance services and intervals.

The only one listed in the owners manual is the Transmission Fluid Service which is suggested be done at 60,000.

It mentions power steering fluid should only be changed if a leak is noticed.

There is no mention whatsoever about a schedule for changing the Brake Fluid.

Is changing the rear differential fluid the same as changing rear axle fluid ?

Also, am I right in the thinking that I can follow the mileage recommendations instead of the time frame? Or is it whichever comes first?

Thank you for the advice guys!

Just wanted to get some others opinions before I said yes to anything.

Chrysler recommends that the transmission fluid/filter service be performed at 60,000 miles.

So I’d wait till then to have that and the other services performed.


“Chrysler recommends that the transmission fluid/filter service be performed at 60,000 miles. So I’d wait till then to have that and the other services performed.”

…at which point, this car will likely be ~12 years old, given how slowly the OP adds miles to the odometer.

Do you really think that it is a good idea to allow that old, additive-depleted fluid to remain in there for 12 years or so?

I’m just relaying what Chrysler recommends.

I didn’t write the service specs for the vehicle. Chrysler Motor Company did.


@checkraze The differential on this car is the same as the rear axle. @VDCdriver is right about the time element being the determining factor in some of these items. Personally I would change transmission fluid and filter at 30,000 miles regardless of age. I would only change brake fluid if the car had antilock brakes, which this one probably has.

Normally with time and mileage intervals, it’s whichever comes first.