2006 Subaru Legacy Outback 30k Service

I was just quoted $645 for the 30k scheduled maintenance service! (I live in western MA) Is this price in the right ballpark and if not, can you recommend a reasonable dealer? (seems high to me)

You don’t have to take the vehicle to the dealer for the 30,000 mile service. A good independent garage will have the same information as the dealer for performing this service. And may be cheaper. Just remember to keep a record of the 30,000 mile service performed if the vehicle is still under warranty.


I own a 2007 Subaru Forrester (stick) with 17K miles. It is 37 months old. According to the Subaru dealer I also need the 30K package ($659.95) which includes replacement of the spark plugs, brake fluid, engine coolant, transmission flush, etc… Is all of this really necessary? The vehicle is now out of warranty. I do plan on keeping it for many years but this seems very excessive.

Yep, that’s just about what the two stealerships in my area charge for the 30k service (and here they charge extra to service the transmission and differentials, they’re not included in the 30k maintenance). It’s all pretty basic stuff, so I would find a reputable independent to do it.

Find an independent mechanic and save some money. Dealer mechanics are not better, but they’re almost always more expensive.

At 17K, I would check the air filter (some air filters only go 20K, I have found), do the coolant change out (at three years) and brake flush (change due to time and brake fluid attracts moisture). Transmission service is probably not needed and may not be in the owner’s manual. We own a Legacy automatic, so I don’t remember what the manual requires.

On the low-mileage trucks I own, I use mileage for spark plugs and fuel filter, and have had no issues there. I would be prepared to change out plug wires, etc when I do the plugs replacement at 30K, though, because they will be fairly old.

Note these are personal recommendations on how I manage low mileage vehicles and do not conform to manufacturer recommendations. However, they have worked well for me.

Seems high; the 30,000 miles service on my Toyota ( FWD)is $190 at the dealer’s and includes cabin air filter and engine air filter replacement.

The next Major Service at 40,000 is $165 and includes valve clearance check and fuel system check.

The 50,000 mile service is also only $165

All these services include oil and filter changes and lubing of any chassis items.