2005 Pontiac Vibe: Power Window Issue

My driver seat power window works, however, the other three windows won’t go down. When I press those three buttons-I hear nothing. Are the other three windows on a separate circuit? Would this be a fuse, or possibly the master switch assembly?

The windows share a common source to power so main power to the panel is good. Check the lockout switch position on the min panel and see if that has been selected. If that is okay then the trouble may be a bad connection in the main panel that ties to the three other windows.

Did you try to lower the windows with the switches at each door? If they go down that way, it might be your driver’s side switch bank.

There must be something in common with the other three windows, different from the left front. If the other three windows can be locked by a switch in the driver’s window switch area – as is common in American cars – first place to consider is that switch may be on the fritz.

Hi Cougar, it was the lockout switch. Must have hit it by accitdent-not intentionally touched in close to 10 yrs–thx!

Just a couple weeks ago a friend of mine told me her dash lights didn’t come on any more in her car at night, and wondered if she should take the car to the shop, and how much it will cost to fix, etc. I asked her to show me, and the problem was just that the little wheel you turn to adjust the dash lights brightness had been turned all the way off … lol …

Children love to turn knobs and push buttons.

As they teach medical students in The US, If you hear hoof beats approaching, think “horses”, rather than “zebras”.

For some reason that I don’t understand, many people seem to overlook the most obvious cause of a problem, and instead tend to immediately seek a more complex explanation. Always begin with the simplest explanation for a problem, and if that is not the solution, then you can begin looking for more complex explanations.

@VDCdriver‌, that is good advice, and if someone never uses a feature, they forget it exists as appears to be the case here. Re-reading the owner’s manual when problems occur might provide clues and jog the memory for long forgotten features.

Occam’s razor strikes again! Way to go! Rocketman