2nd gear useless in mercury sable


Can anyone tell me why the “2” gear in the A/T of my Mercury Sable feels more like a “Drive” setting? I’m wondering how expensive it would be to adjust so that it actually feel like a 2nd gear… Thanks!


You may be right, 2nd gear may be Hi. To find out, check the Haynes, or Chilton’s, for your make model year. The transmission shift linkage may need adjusting.


I know what you are saying. My wife refuses to drive a clutch, so I have to put up with driving her silly slugomatics.

On her 95 Taurus I can lock it in 1st no problem, but shift to second & in certain climbing situations the silly/PITA trans will hunt back & forth between 2nd & 3rd. Makes me crazy. But thats just the way it is. Theres no way to lock 2nd gear.

Have you thought about upgrading to a manual transmission?


Thanks for the feedback – I’d love to replace it with a manual but the “wife dynamic” rules that out…


Good idea – thanks a lot!