Ford Auto Trans

I recently had the fluid and filter changed on my for Taurus Sedan (1995 190K mi).

Now the car will not shift past second gear in overdrive, drive, or low range.

I hesitate to take it right back to the shop. Is there a band adjustment or other procedure that will fix this?

Is there any “runaway”? That is, engine flare? If not, and it’s truly not shifting past 2nd, then the next question is, does it shift normally on the 1-2 shift? Have you take it to 65+ mph to see if it shifts into 3rd?

What I’m trying to get from you is it just not seeing the speed sensor data to enable the 2-3 shift? If it shifts normally on the 1-2 shift it probably is. Otherwise, it’s assuming some WOT condition where it wouldn’t shift anyway.

…but take it back to the shop and have them plug in whatever they unplugged.

Was this the first time you have had the tranny serviced?? Has it ever been rebuilt? You are at the outer limits of FWD transmission life expectancy…

The 1-2 shift is fine, at 65 the engine races horribly and I fear there could be damage if I push it.

Sounds like a Forward clutch piston. If so this will require a transmission rebuild.

Bought the car at auction. It was a program car from WSU. It was maintained by their school shop. Records are in order but as you say 200K to 250K is all they usually have. I got under it to check for loose connections and the pan is embossed with the letters SHO. is this standard? i thought SHO was a special model.

If you have a SHO Taurus it will look like this under the hood

hell no.

No, it wouldn’t launch if the forward clutch was gone. For some reason the direct clutch isn’t applying or the direct sprag came apart. With 190k on this trans, it is due for overhaul.


Thanks for correcting me. So a indication of a forward clutch failure would be if the engine revved without the transmission engaging, and possibly it violently engaging while the engine is revving?

the launch is smooth, the shift to 2nd is smooth. The engine pulls fine. I’m sure a rebuild is in order, but it would rival the total value of the car. It has been a very dependable ride. I am fond of that body style and the over all bang for the buck.
Thanks everyone for your input.