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2003 Excursion won't shift into 1st or 2nd; P,R,N,D all work fine though

I checked the fluid and the level seems fine. (probly needs to be replaced though…) The truck runs brilliantly, but I just noticed this last weekend that she won’t shift down into 2nd or 1st manually. We drove up to the top of a lava dome and I was gonna shift down for the drive down and it wouldn’t go.

140k on it if I remember right

Any ideas? thanks, Benji

The shift linkage on these Fords allows stones thrown up from the road to lodge behind the shift arm on the transmission, between the arm and the case, jamming the linkage to one degree or another…It’s on the right side of the transmission…

Yup, just pulled a little rock outta there and she shifts like a champ.

a HUGE THANKS to you guys (especially Caddyman) for taking the time to help here. I was getting close to calling a transmi$$ion shop…

cheers, Benji

You are welcome, glad we could help…