Transmission stock first gear

I have a mercury sable 1997. It stocks a first gear and doesnt change more. Before, it was change the rotation ( sometimes the stayed higher and sometimes low) without I pull or push the accelerator. The transmission oil is ok, and the car didnt have noisy or other symptoms of transmission problem. What Are doing it? What I need to do?

Can you have your question re-posted by a friend or relative who is a native speaker of English? Currently, your question is not clear enough for me to comment on it with any accuracy.

“stock a first gear and doesn’t change more” Are you trying to say the transmission is stuck in first gear and will not upshift?

“Before, it was change the rotation ( sometimes the stayed higher and sometimes low) without I pull or push the accelerator.” Do you mean that you can shift the transmission manually? Unfortunately Taurus/Sable transmissions from this era were not the best.

I suggest taking the Sable to an independent transmission shop (not a chain or franchise) or mechanic and have them take a look at it. Ask friends, coworkers, and neighbors for recommendations.

Good luck,

Ed B.

sorry about my Engilsh, but i will try again. My car was good, without noisy or other thing in transmission except that sometimes it was change the rotation without I push or pull the accelerator. Now my car doesnt shift the gear, stock in first gear. I can put the reverse, D or 1, but it doesnt shift. I`m trying understand what happened.

I propose we have an award for the most incoherent question, to be awarded monthly or annually or both. The winner would then get his question analyzed by top think tanks globally until a solution can be determined as to what the question actually was.

If anyone agrees, I submit this question for consideration.

I have seen a lot more incomprehensible questions from people whose first language was English. This gentleman’s second language is a lot better than mine.

I think I get the idea and the short story is that your transmission has most likely gone into “limp mode.” If the car’s computer detects a problem with the transmission it will shut down most transmission functions to actually protect the transmission from damage.

It doesn’t have to give you any warning first. A transmission can completely fail at any time.

What it means is that you need to take it to a local transmission shop. It has to be scanned for error codes.

The AXOD was kind of a turd, as someone else noted. The good news is, though, that most any independent transmission shop has seen a lot of them and will be able to help you. Don’t go to a chain shop like AAMCO, which seems to be an abbreviation for All Automatics Must Come Out.

thank you!!! Im just trying explain my problem. In my county doesnt have automatic transmission, only manually, so I dont know about this kind of transmission.

Thank you sir. My boss think like you. So I hopefully that I can fix my transmission, Im afraid because transmission problem mean "spend much money". But as I said, before happen this problem, it doesnt make noisy, or another thing about transmission problem, my gear only stuck in first, doesn`t shift to second gear. I can put reverse too.
one more time thanks a lot.