240SX help? Trouble starting?

I’m currently looking at a used Nissan 240SX S13, and I’m tempted to buy it, however the guy says and I quote, “- Also, will not turn on without first jumping the car with cables attached to the starter solenoid. I have tried to find what it is exactly it needs, and I think it is a Clutch Interlock Relay switch.
I am not a 100% sure though.” The guy says the battery is dead as well. Any ideas?


The battery is probably dead due to repeated power drains killing the battery. If you are a handy guy figure minimum clean and check all connections, and be ready to trace battery drain. I would give at least 1k below a running car of the same vintage to allow for time and troubleshooting. Your call! And as always have it checked out by an independent mechanic before purchase.