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HELP! 99 Pathfinder Starting Issues

My husband’s 1999 Nissan Pathfinder 2WD SUV is having some starting issues. It started out with needing an occasional jump. One time after 6 or 7 tries it started. Yesterday, a jump would not work. We live in Las Vegas and assumed the battery was shot so we bought a new battery but it did not start. It did click which it did not do when we tried to jump it. It did nothing then. We used all the money we had to buy the battery and are afraid to spend the money on a starter if it is something else. Luckily, our car insurance has towing so we could get the car home and we have to do the repairs ourselves. Should we wait until we have the money for the starter or is there something else we should try first? Also, should we get our old battery back? Help!!! Thank you.

did you try putting the tranns in the “N” postion and trying it?my parts cat. shows a relay for the nutrel safty switch. i take it you our not hearing anything when you turn the key. if your hear a click i would check the battery cables and the connections at the starter and if no click ckeck to see if you our getting power from the n/s switch if your niss. has an automatic tranns in it and try switchen out i of they other relays and if that makes a difference .

I just went out there and tried putting it in N but nothing different. There is a hard click when turning the key. It is an automatic. When my husband gets home we will check the connections…its a little hot right now and we are going to top out at 106 today. I also heard to check the power to the solenoid part of the starter. If there isn’t any, it is not the starter…Thank you for your reply!

Get a wooden stick like a short piece of 2x4 and put one end on the starter*. Whack the other side of the 2x4 with a hammer or the bottom of your shoe.
See if that helps start it. If it does, your starter is probably bad. In a pinch you can probably start the car this way until you can afford a starter.

*obviously remove the piece of 2x4 after it starts.

We are going to try that when he gets home. Thank you for your reply.