My car won't start- Suggestions? Details inside



Ok well. I just bought a 1992 Nissan 240SX. It worked just fine out of the car dealership. I got it home and the next day it just wont start. Today me and my friend jump started it, and worked fine. We let it sit for 10-15 Minutes to charge up the battery. But, when we turned it off, then tried turn it back on to see if it worked, nothing happened. What’s the deal?


Could it be an alternator problem??


Jump start it again, then drive it to an auto parts store (or a mechanic) and have both the battery and the alternator tested.

Make sure the battery cables are tight and the connections are clean at BOTH ends of the cables.


We even jump started it again a couple times after that, but we got the same result.


I found out it might be the alternator, jump starting doesnt do anything really.

Alternators cost a lot. Damn. Thanks people.


You really need to test the battery and the charging system. Many auto parts stores will do that for fee. Don’t guess when it is easy to find out.