2022 Toyota RAV4 - wants to go when the brake is on?

Seems to want to go with brake on?

I am not a mechanic but a couple of possibilities come to mind: First, it may be idling too fast. Second, there’s an issue with the brakes. Either way, a 2022 model will have a warranty so take it back to the dealer and tell their service dept. what you’re experiencing.


This is usually a problem with the engine control rather than the brakes. Don’t try to fix this yourself , could void your warranty. I expect whatever is wrong won’t take that much time for the experts at your local dealership to figure out and repair.

Yes, use your warranty.
Out of curiosity, what are the RPMs with the car warmed up, in drive with the brakes on?

Don’t try to fix this yourself!

If you void the warranty you will be responsible for millions of dollars of repairs for your poorly manufactured Toyota.