2020 Toyota Corolla - A few issues

Start button on 2020 corolla malfunctuons…ticming noise behind dash…horn sounding off on its own, in traffic.slow starting like a battery problem…

your vehicle is still under warranty. bring it to the dealer.


It amazes me how many people with new cars who don’t think to go to a dealer when they have a problem while the car is still under warranty. :roll_eyes:


I think its because they do not want to waste a day going their or they think they will be without a car for a few days and maybe they can fix it on their own. but they can always ask if they have a loaner car at the dealer.

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It also depends on how far one lives from the dealer.



You could make sure the connections at the battery are clean and tight.

If you disconnect the battery you will probably need to reset the radio using a code that is somewhere in the printed material that came with the car - so you’ll want to know that code before you dive in. For my Honda I wrote that number on the file folder I keep for that car, and on a post-it that’s stuck inside the glove compartment. (I’m not worried someone will steal the radio from a 1999 Honda.)

I would not do a battery disconnect on a 2020 Toyota. Let the dealer handle it.


Most times I’ve been to the dealer, they failed to recognize or properly repair the issue and it was a waste of time. Luckily all of my vehicles are out of warranty now anyway!

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And, if they try to remedy their problem on their own, or by paying a mechanic to “fix” it, they could wind-up voiding their warranty.

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That has not been my experience for warranty work or just plain repair. Plus the vehicle is in a more secure spot rather than just setting out in the open .

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I’ve had this happen to me several times, and it’s really frustrating.

It would happen far less often if I could only speak with the mechanic beforehand. The liability-free description of the problem that the non-technical service writer enters on the repair order makes it difficult for many problems to be properly understood.

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I presume you mean “ticking” noise behind dash. That could be an hvac vent door problem. If it stops right away, could be normal, some sort of self-test. ABS self test can make a similar sound.

Horn sounding could be a problematic horn switch or horn relay, or an alarm system malfunction.

Explain more Wwhat do you mean by “in traffic slow starting”?

The standard battery/alternator test is to measure the battery voltage before first start of the day, should be about 12.6 volts. Then immediately after starting the engine, 13.5-15.5 volts.

This is not a post asking for help. It is one of those Carcomplaints things that end up here . The vehicle is under warranty - the battery has at least a 3 year warranty so no need to test it . The person just takes it to the dealer and hopes they can solve these problems.