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Help! Bad 2017 toyota rav 4 brakes

I have a 2017 toyota rav 4. I have had it less then 2 years , 33k miles on it. My first set of brakes lasted 22k miles. Second set of brakes lasted only 8k miles, now its been only 3k miles amz they are already squeaking. I have spent hundreds of dollars to the dealership getting new brakes put on because both previous sets were at 5% or less.
I can’t keep getting new brakes 2 or 3 times a year on a new car. I only drive my kids to and from school and to the store. Average traffic.
I don’t trust the dealership as the first time I went in to be my brakes checked, they said it was fine at only 80%. But it was grinding so bad that I went back in a week later and made them re- check and my brakes were at 2%!!!
What do I do. I want to get rid of my car because I am scared to drive it since the brakes are really unreliable and catch all the time when going down hills. But I have almost 2 years still in my lease. I hate toyota. :rage:

Front or rear brakes wearing out . . . ?

We leased one,no issues yet Thanks for the warning.

I think I would go to a different dealer. If you are not resting your foot on the brake, then something may be causing the brakes to drag.
I would recommend an independent shop, but with a lease, this may not be an option.

Take the Rav to an in dependent mechanic or other dealer. No way your brakes can go from 80% to 2% in a week. The people who looked @ your car mis communicated or do not know what they are talking about. Check with friends for a reliable local mechanic. My daughter has a Rav and while I replaced the braked once, they are not wearing excessively. Also squeaking brakes might have 80% life left, but can sound annoying but will stop your car

Definitely try a different Toyota dealership for service.