2021 Mazda Mazda6 - Chipped paint

Bought a 2021 mazda 6 Touring Plus in soul red crystal color and noticed at the point of sale that there was paint chipping on the hood and side panel. Dealer is offering to touch it up, but now I am mortified reading about the persistent paint problems other mazda owners are reporting. Car is still under manufacturer warranty.

I think you may be over-worrying. If the dealership will pony up for some re-touching, you are good to go imo. Paint doesn’t look like new forever of course. To increase the odds of your paint holding up over time, rinse the surface with a hose to remove accumulated dust every week, and thoroughly wash and wax twice a year. Try to keep the car out of direct sun whenever possible. It’s better to park under a tree and deal with any bird droppings at the next rinse-off or washing than park in direct sun.

Consider this perspective: I had a teenage job as a cattle-ranch hand, and when the ranch owner would buy a new truck for the ranch the first thing he’d do is haul a load of gravel. I asked him why, and he said after hauling the gravel he didn’t need to worry about paint scratches and could concentrate his focus on the ranch.

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I own a 2018 Mazda with that same paint (CX-5 GT). No issues. There are normal hood chips from stones, and they show up because the red is a contrast with the underlying white primer or bare metal. You may find this video that I created helpful and put your mind at ease. Touch Up Mazda's Special Soul Red Crystal Metallic Paint - Here's How | Torque News