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2017 Subaru Crosstrek - Paint chips

Paint chipping on the hood. Took it in for warranty the car behind me had hail damage all over it and no chipped paint , two years of driving this and I have chipped paint all over my hood. how do I get warranty for this ?

So what did Subaru tell you when you took it in for warranty? I’d have to guess they said they won’t cover the chips, right?

The bottom line is… you don’t get warranty to pay for this. Subaru can’t know where and how you drive so they won’t cover such normal wear and tear. Have the chips touched up and the hood repainted when it looks too bad.

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I owned a new Outback. One of my four new Subaru purchases over about 20 years. I was washing it once and the paint was coming off leaving behind bare plastic. The car was less than a year old and had never been hit or mistreated. Subaru’s dealers did nothing to support me. This and a failed engine at 11K and many smaller problems are why I drive Subarus myself (only under warranty) but I rarely recommend them. Mustangman has the short term solution above. The long term one (and I love these Subarus) is to switch brands.

Where and how…I don’t roll it around in the gravel …I drive on all four tires on the highway… how I drive it ? Everything else about my car looks new except the chipped up hood… you don’t see deep dings. No pits just tiny spots of missing paint. It’s a terrible paint job

Open your owners manual and find the contact numbers for Subaru corporate . That is your only chance for help because the dealer can’t charge corporate without their approval.


You didn’t us well what, if anything, the Subaru dealer told you about this.

By the way, I’ve gotten far more rock chips driving on the highway than any other place.

And yet, I never thought that I should blame the vehicle manufacturer for gravel and rocks that are kicked-up by passing trucks…

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Unless Subaru had a paint problem that they know about and want to address, the repairs are probably on you.

Ask a couple body shops for an estimate. Then decide. If you are going to keep the car it’s best to get it fixed before rust starts.

They said they would not cover it…

Thanks for your input mustang man im assuming you think this is my first car?

Or im too stupid to know the difference. Im 51 years old, I’ve owned many cars…and Subaru has a terrible paint job on the Crosstreks.

Have a great day!!

You can say that. You’re probably even telling the truth. But they don’t know that you’re telling the truth, and people lie to them all day. “Sludge in the motor? Why? I got the oil changed every 3,000 miles!” says the guy who hasn’t had the oil changed since the Clinton administration, etc.

Besides, just following within 200 feet of a dirt truck will result in paint chips. And that’s damage inflicted on the car by something that wasn’t caused in manufacturing.

I always recommend that people get the clear bra option when they buy a car. Yeah, it’s expensive (though if you’re cagey you can often get it “for free if I buy this other X option”) but modern cars have much more exposed paint, and much thinner paint than older cars did. That’s not going to change, so you have to protect it more than you did in the old days.


You assume incorrectly.

You assume incorrectly. So you don’t like my answer. I simply pointed out how Subaru will view your paint job. I told you that;

You didn’t explain until your reply to my post anything about how and where you drive. Good luck with Subaru.

After suffering chipped paint on the leading edge of the hood of my Ford Galaxie 500, my Dodge Charger, my Volvo 242, my Chevy Citation, my Ford Taurus, my Honda Accord, and my first Subaru Outback, I belatedly realized that I needed to play defense against the large trucks (many lacking mudflaps) that inhabit our expressways.

As a result, my last two cars have had hood protectors to guard them against the detritus that is spewed in the wake of those large trucks, and these devices work exactly as advertised. Ergo… no problema after installing one of these accessories.

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That doesn’t mean anything really

Same thing happens to my 2016 Mustang, it has small paint chips from where small rocks get kicked up every now an then. Every car I’ve ever owned has had this happen to it.

You don’t, it’s not a manufacturing defect. If you’ve driven on the highway…ever. You’re going to get a rock chip here and there. It’s inevitable. Some cars seem to be more prone it than others, and there are some differences between automobile manufacturers in terms of paint thickness and hardness. But Subaru isn’t going to fix your car for something they can’t control.

You might want to consult a local detail shop, they can often repair paint chips for a competitive rates. I’ve used one near where I live for this purpose and the results were very good for what I paid. A body paint shop would obviously be able to repair the entire panel but it probably wouldn’t be worth it from a price perspective, given that were just talking about paint chips.

I usually recommend that a car manufacturing company put durable paint on the hood so consumers such as myself do not have to worry about a bra in and repanting the car after 2 years of just driving it

If I used a bra it eroded be down to the metal much quicker fron rubbing against it… again thanks for your input.

You wouldn’t like it around here then. This is Wind Farm Central and rock has been hauled in by the thousands of loads to cover all of the dirt roads. This of course gets on the highway also.

EVERYTHING gets rock chipped and warranty does not cover that no matter who makes the vehicle.

That’s the old style bra, and you’re right. They did that. The new type is a clear plastic shield kind of like the screen protector on your phone, but much tougher. They really work.

@VDCdriver same boat here - I skipped it on my Acura and spent a decade regretting it. Never again.