2018 Nissan Titan - Rust and chips - Anyone else?

I own a 2018 Nissan Titan XD SL Diesel 4x4 bought new in May 2018. Two and a half years ago, I noticed rust on the roof of the truck in the areas next to the Uniside moldings (like rail tracks) plus two spots where the paint has chipped off on the roof. Has anyone else had these issues. I brought the issues at a local Nissan Dealership that contacted Nissan Corporation with photos. I was told it’s not rust in those tracks, go wash out those areas. No comment from Nissan Corporation on the chipped paint spots. It is now a few years later, my truck as been seen at 3 collision repair centers for repairs caused by Hurricane Ian where a tree branch or something cause a dent on the left uniside above the left passenger door. Plus my truck has been to 2 Nissan Dealerships. These collision centers commented on the rust they saw. I took my truck to a Nissan dealership in Leesburg, FL, was told by the Service Manager that Nissan Corporation won’t cover the paint repair cost even though my truck at the time in April 2023 was still under the original 5 year, 100,000 bumper to bumper warranty. Plus the warranty covers rust corrision, but it wasn’t rusting from the inside out. Nor would they cover the cost to fix the paint chips. Has anyone experienced any issues with paint chips on the roof and the rust along the rail areas next to the Uniside Moldings?

No experience w/your make/model, but seems pretty unlikely a new truck warranty would cover rust issues on a 2018. The only idea I can come up with, paint problems on horizontal surfaces can be caused by a paint guard product applied before vehicle is shipped from production plant.

Try googling NTB99-060h for more info.

Minor surface rust can be repaired good as new by a good body shop. Probably best results is to focus your attention there, rather than at the dealership.

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Touching up paint chips is your responsibility, not Nissan’s. If you had done that there would be no rust.

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I understand that for paint chips, the big issue is the rust along the entire length of both roof moldings on the cab of the truck which I believe Nissan should fix. The rust there wasn’t caused by paint chips. Thanks for your response.

Is it chipped off or flaked off?

Did the body shop have the moldings off to do the repair? By any chance did they take pictures of the rusted area(s)?

Do you have a repair order from the original complaint listing your rust concerns and their disposition of it in writing?

Thanks for your response.
The paint I believe flaked off.
The repair shop hasn’t taken the roof moldings off at this time. I do have photos of the rust and the two areas where the paint has flaked off.
I contacted Nissan almost two years ago about this same issue and they told me to take my truck and wash out the roof molding areas as they didn’t believe it was rust. I’d taken my truck to the Gainesville, FL Nissan Dealershhip on this issue, they took photos submitted them to Nissan Corporation and the above is what I was told. I’m writing Nissan directly and sending them photos to see what they tell me. At this time my truck is out of the original 5 year or 100,000 mile warranty as of 5/4/23. The rust has been there for a while. So it will be interesting to see what Nissan Corporation tells me.

That’s a very important distinction to make, especially with Nissan regarding their warranty. Chips happen from impact damage and that would be considered your problem. Paint flaking off is more indicative of an adhesion problem and often the result of materials or process deficiency.

Having anything in writing is always best as I’m sure you’re aware. Word of mouth has a way of being distorted over time, especially by the side that has the most to lose (Nissan). An affidavit completed by a professional attesting to the presence of rust (and not just dirt that can be washed away) should go a long way to proving your case. Removal of the molding to inspect the seam area is likely to reveal a more extensive presence of rust if it is working out from under the molding. This could also work in your favor when you go to hold them accountable.

If you have a picture, it would be nice to see here if you’re willing to post it. Curious what it looks like…

Good luck!


Photo of the rust

Thank you for your reply.
I’ll google the item you mentioned.
Thanks again!
I uploaded a photo of the rust.

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I uploaded a photo out on the discussion site.

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