2017 Nissan Murano - Chippy paint

The paint on the hood of my 2017 Nissan Murano began chipping during the first year of purchase. I purchased it brand new fall of 2017. Since it was under the original warranty, I took it back to the dealer in 2018 and they would not cover the paint job. The chipping has only gotten worse.

You should have escalated this to Nissan corporate two years ago. There should be a number in your Owner’s Manual. Don’t wait because the bumper-to-bumper portion of your warranty is about to expire.

Because it is basically wear and tear much like tires or brakes. You could be commuting on gravel roads behind dump trucks… Nissan should not be expected to (and won’t) cover that.

Buy some touchup paint and fill in the chips every time you see one.

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Chipping is caused by rocks and bugs. That is not a warrantable repair caused by a factory defect in workmanship or materials.

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Hello, I am thinking about doing a class action lawsuit. Please let me know if you want to join or think it’s a good idea. My pain chipping is not caused by any damage to my vehicle. It is odd that other nissan vehicles have a class action for the white paint chipping so I think it’s worth a try.

You don’t get to pick whether or not to do a class action lawsuit. Mass tort lawyers will decide if there are enough people to form a class, and if there’s a decent chance of a settlement/win. And then if they win, you’ll get a $25 coupon for an oil change and the lawyers will get millions.

At any rate, assuming you then choose to sue them individually, you’re going to have to prove the paint “chips” are not from damage. Which is going to be difficult because paint chips are pretty much always a result of damage.

Perhaps if you posted a picture we could at least advise you of whether or not it’s a real paint failure.


Post a couple of pics of the chips and we will see if those are caused by debris or not.

Sand blasting and chipping in the front has become pretty common with painted bumpers and front end designs. Acura pushed that clear paint protection film pretty hard on their new cars because of it. Don’t like the stuff though.

I remember way back on our 58 Chevy, the front of the hood was so flat it just got sand blasted in no time. When it got bad enough it was just body shop time. Paint pits when stones are encountered. It’s just what paint does.