2020 Toyota Corolla - Loose bumper

2020 Toyota Corolla HB SE rolling gently 1km/h into a snowbank, the winter after Sept purchase, had the front corner bumper panel become dislodged, damaged now so it is like a loose piece of LEGO. It won’t stay soundly in place. Toyota auto body estimates new part plus paint at $850. Don’t think this is acceptable…bumper that can’t be bumped, at least without warning…DON’T BUMP THE BUMPER, it’s just a fairing.

I’ve only found one other published similar occurrence. Any more known?

Sure , anyone who hit something has damage to the bumper cover . Why did you not use your insurance when it happened ?

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my daughter had a hyundai elantra that was parked in our driveway. the town snowplow came down the road doing about 30mph. the snow hitting her car put a 1 foot crack in her rear bumper. In Suffolk county NY the town plows do not have to pay for any damages to vehicles. even if its parked on the road and they plow right into it and total it. unless you can prove they were drunk or on drugs. had to go through vehicle insurance. they sure dont make bumpers like they use too. its one thing I miss. chrome bumpers.

Sounds like an appropriate estimate. That’s close to the estimate for mine three years ago.
You can get estimates from other body shops but they will be very close.


BIL paid $2100 for his Toyota bumper. $850 is cheap. Not your father’s heavy chrome bumpers anymore to save gas. The thing you see though is not the bumper, it’s just a rubber cover. The real bumper is a piece of steel behind it. So you just need a new cover, but yeah don’t bump anything with it unless you want to pay.

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That is not a bumper. It’s called a front fascia and just like any other car on the road is not made to absorb impacts.

For a new part with paint at 850 that is a fantastic deal.

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Is the fascia itself damaged, or is it just loose? If it’s just loose, then you just need to take it off and replace the broken cover clip(s).


There is a large hidden bracket between the fender and bumper. You need to raise the bumper cover a little and snap it back into place.

thats if the clip is not broken.

The lower rim close to the maximum curvature has a 2" tear. The tech who saw that said the panel needed to be replaced, replacing clip would not help.