2020 Toyota Corolla - Drive-Start Control Malfunction

check engine light
Drive-Start Control Malfunction

Well, are you aware a 2020 should still be under warranty, unless you managed to void the warranty.


Well, did you get it fixed?

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I think we have another drive poster by not to be heard from again.

… at the dealership, at no charge, under the terms of the warranty that is surely still in effect…


Theoretically, “Drive-Start Control Malfunction” means you tried to put the car in Drive or Reverse while revving the engine. In practice, it can be a symptom of some other problem, like a wiring issue. You can find out more by going to ToyotaNation.com and doing a search. Anyway, a 2020 ought to still be under the bumper-to-bumper warranty unless it has more than 36k miles on it, as the others have noted somewhat less kindly. Take it to the nearest Toyota dealer and let them worry about it.

Toyotanation is one of the last places I would send someone to.

Speaking of less kind…

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