Can somebody help me with this car computer code?


Went to my mechanic with my 2007 Toyota Corolla (16,000 miles) because my check engine light went on on my car. One of the guys there did a computer scanning and the definition was: PRESSURE CONTROL SOLENOID D ELECTRIC. This guy then resetted the car computer and the light went off. I did not liked that because I wanted to take the car to the dealership for service because it is still under warranty. Does anybody knows what is this code about? Can I drive my car to the dealership or I have to tow it? This problem that appears under this code, can it be repaired easily? Thanks!

yep,drive it in.

will only go to limp in 2nd gear .maybe 3rd,but irrelevant.

so yes.

Your car is still covered under the 2 year/24,000 mile manufacturers emission control warranty for engine sensors and controllers. When the Check Engine light comes back on, take it directly to the dealer. They have to repair it at no cost to you.


The pressure control solenoid is in the tranny and controls the gear shifts. Does it “clunk” when the gears change from 1st to 2nd to third etc.?

Post back with what they say will you? I thought these Corollas were bullet proof. Not quite I see.

Why didnt you take it to the dealer in the first place since it is under warranty?? The dealer is probably not going to do anything right now since the check engine light is not illuminated. Next time the light comes on, take it to the dealer instead of a local mechanic. Do you know what code was set??


As long as it’s under warranty I do not understand why you’re going to your own mechanic. You have what is essentially a new car here.

You should realize that if your personal mechanic ever manages to botch something, or it’s perceived by the dealer to be botched by someone else, your warranty on the item in question may be considered null and void. It’s not likely that what he did caused any problems at all; I’m simply pointing out that many times a warranty claim may not be performed because someone else has had their hands in the cookie jar so to speak.


The car hesitates when riding… just a little It does not clunk. The reason for the local mechanic was to have an initial reading, so if it was something that requires me to tow the car do so instead of exposing it to more damage. Also took it to a local mechanic because on another car the light went on and it just was that I washed the motor and a spark plug got wet. I dried it all well, replaced the plugs and was ok again. BTW… I am changing the oil of the car myself. right now it has MOBIL 1 extended (just changed it 1000 Miles ago), will the dealership penalize me for that? Used a mobil 1 filter also.


Why are you washing the engine of a 2007 Toyota Corolla? I don’t get it.

I’d check with the dealer about do-it-yourself oil changes, I know most aftermarket warranties will NOT accept DIY oil changes, even if you keep written records and/or receipts of buying the oil & filter.