2020 Jeep Compass - Not in park warning

twice this week, vehicle flashes “not in park” when turned off and in park after being driven. Power continues to run, lights stay on, and power steering activated. Can’t get message to go away and eventually the battery goes completely dead. Shop first replaced battery, and now is not sure what is going on, but the towing is getting expensive. Seems like this should be easily diagnosed with all the codes that can be checked.

take it back to the jeep dealership to have them look at it. it should ne covered under the warranty.


If you are located in the United States or Canada you do not have to pay for towing during the first 5 years/60,000 miles, call FCA road side assistance.


It is, but they don’t seem to know why this happening at the dealership. It seems to me that everybody on here seems to have a better handle on it.

i have an fca vehicle with the same 2.4L / zf-9 speed transmission combo.

Usually the dealer needs to pull the dtc / tcu codes and look for a sensor or wiring harness issue.

The multiair II variable valvetrain head gives the four banger a lot of pep. 54,000 mostly trouble free miles here.

One tcu reprogramming recall plus a worrying stint of excessive oil use, which seems to be over.

Elevate your problem up the chain per instructions in your owners manual.

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Im gonna call the jeep cares line tomorrow. They can’t get it to throw a code or duplicate the problem because whatever it is probably gets cleared when the battery dies and they replace it.




If the first Jeep dealer seems unwilling or unable to properly diagnose and repair a one-year old vehicle with multiple warranties, then FCA at the corporate level needs to be contacted by the OP, and he needs to inform them that he will file a Lemon Law claim if they cannot help him. If I was in the OP’s position, I would have looked for a different Jeep dealership that might have a better service department before I spent any money for towing or repairs.

But, the bottom line is that I would park the vehicle at the dealership and request my free loaner car to drive until it is properly repaired.